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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open for new projects?

Yes! Humantiply excels at identifying the skills you need, building teams, and scaling our talent to meet your needs.


How long has the agency been running for?

Humantiply has been in operation since March 2020. We launched with the beginning of the pandemic to help organizations and governments rapidly respond to unprecedented needs to build seamless online experiences for their beneficiaries, citizens, and employees.


Do you currently have careers openings?

Humantiply often has new projects that require additional team contributions. Are you an expert in online tools for small organizations? Do you excel at building automations, no code & low code apps and workflows, dashboards and other powerups for small orgs? Contact us and let us know about your skills!


Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Most of our clients are non-profit organizations! Our pricing is tailored to meet non-profit budgets.